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The commitment to quality led OCU to initiate in 2008 a process improvement project aimed to critically review and improve the activities of development and maintenance of all the elements that make up the ERP software UNIVERSITAS XXI. We decided to use as a reference the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration), internationally recognized in the field of software quality, and endorsed by the Institute CMMI (cmmiinstitute.com), powered by Carnegie Mellon University.

In September 2009, a first OCU accreditation process, which ended in November 2009, offering formal accreditation as a result of OCU under Level 2 of CMMI for Dev v1.2. This process was carried out by the company Sopra Group and was led by a certified Lead Appraiser and reviewed by an observer from the Institute CMMI.

Completed the first milestone we continued to work on improving our processes, automation and standardization of these controls and product quality, always following the recommendations of that model. The OCU work methodology has been implemented in all work centers: Madrid, Lleida and Bogota.

In November 2012 it has conducted a second process of accreditation by the method SCAMPI v1.3 A, defined by the CMMI Institute. This process was carried out by ESI Consulting Company (www.esiconsulting.es), and was led by a certified Lead Appraiser. The result has shown the coverage of all recommendations for CMMI Dev V1.3 Level 3, which has led us to achieve this accreditation for Spain and Colombia, which has been validated and published by the Institute CMMI. View accreditation
The accreditation of the improvements implemented in OCU under CMMI compliance is most important and ambitious goal that OCU has been raised so far in terms of quality. It has been a great investment and a great effort by all employees of OCU, which is already showing good results.

OCU continues among its objectives the improvement of the quality of the products and services it provides to its customers and improving satisfaction, applying a system of continuous improvement of production processes, using as reference the best practices contained in the CMMI model.


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