Our team provides strategic functional and technological consulting. We deploy our solutions transferring all the technical and functional knowledge required, supported by maintenance services and a guaranteed evolution.

To meet a need, get a service

Deployment services

Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria is present during the whole software life cycle as it  develops, offering the necessary services for its full deployment at the university, ensuring a great experience for implementation in many Spanish and Latin American universities.

Maintenance services

Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria offers to their clients annual maintenance, including corrective maintenance, regulatory evolution to adapt to new changes in applicable legal regulations, technological and functional evolution, and personalized advice.

Technical services

Oficina de Cooperación Univeritaria’s extensive experience provides technical services needed to set up, configure and maintain all technological environments in which its solutions are deployed, enabling high availability features, redundancy, scalability and security.

Consulting and training

Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria offers universities consulting services based on best practices regarding management processes and information technologies in the university sector. We offer customers functional and technical training for each of our training solutions.


Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria offers consulting and e-learning services through its specialized team in this technology field. We are especially proficient with Moodle, with the support of AUGE (Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria  Group partner) strategy, teaching methodology, development and content adaptation.


Oficina de Cooperación Universitaria has preferential agreements with Oracle and Microsoft which allow the use of their basic technology in our client universities with highly advantageous economical and operational results.